Use these Tactics to Boost Local SEO & Gain Mobile Visibility

Small businesses in Littleton, Colorado need to tap into the growing volume of local searches conducted by mobile users. The following local SEO tactics can improve your local search marketing and meet mobile device requirements.

Say Where You Are

Gearing your internet marketing toward local search marketing requires referencing your geographic area, usually both the city and state. This information needs to appear regularly within web page titles and headings throughout the content.

Link to Local Sources

Links to and from your website have always played a role in your search engine ranking. To fine-tune your local search appeal, you should gain links from local sources. Marketing services accomplish this by seeking links from locally oriented business directories or reaching out to online clubs and associations that might provide a link.

Check Off All Boxes at Google

Google provides resources that help small businesses gain visibility to both desktop and mobile users. Google My Business is a service that allows businesses to directly tell the search engine its details. After you input your telephone number, hours of operation, and location, this will be fed into the search engine and then appear on Google search, maps, and Google Plus. It will be accessible to both desktop and mobile users.

Don’t Skimp on Content

Search engines thrive on content, and mobile-friendly content matters even more now. High-quality content that can be viewed on mobile devices will gain you better search engine position. Design content that mentions your geographic area and delivers valuable information to users will expand your reach.

Content outside your website needs to stay on message as well. For example, a long, well-written description for your business on Google My Business will support your local search goals. Add a good link within that content with the right keywords and you can improve your reach to local users.

Be Mobile-Optimized

Your website also needs to be optimized for mobile viewing, so it is important to update older websites that might not present well, if at all, on a mobile device. Consulting a credible and experienced WordPress website design company, like Reputation Local, will ensure your site meets the requirements of the modern web.

Marketing companies in Colorado like Reputation Local provide local search marketing services that can help your business implement these techniques and be more visible among local and mobile users.


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