Is Your Social Media Marketing Working?


Is your business social media marketing working

Do you make an effort to post to your social media accounts every single day?

Many business owners log on to Facebook every morning and add a link to a pertinent article, make a comment about their business or industry, or promote a product or service. If this sounds like something that you do on a regular schedule, you're probably under the impression that your business's social media campaign is successful.

Something many business owners fail to realize is that just because social media posts are made regularly and social media accounts have a decent number of followers does not mean that your social media campaign is doing its job.

In other words, if your social media efforts do not result in increased market exposure and new customers, your campaign might not be effective.

Regular posts to your social media campaign are important, but it's essential to understand their impact. Some posts are undoubtedly more successful than others.

If you've noticed that some of your social media posts receive more attention than others, you can use this information to improve your posts – and to give your fans and followers more of what they are looking for.

Keeping Track of Your Social Media Campaign

Business owners use various methods to determine whether their social media campaign is working. Here are a few:

Keeping track of your number of followers

How will you ever know if your number of likes on Facebook or your number of followers on Twitter is growing if you don't have any idea where your numbers were the previous week or month?

Even though Facebook and Twitter (and all other social media channels) keep a tally of your likes and followers, it can be easier to keep track of the numbers on your own.

You may want to keep a spreadsheet that lists your social media accounts and the number of fans or followers on each one at the end of every week. By updating your spreadsheet on a regular schedule, you can easily tell if there is an upward or downward trend in each of the accounts.

Counting your Likes and Shares

If another person or business likes or shares your social media post, it's a good thing. No matter what, anyone sharing something you've posted on social media means that someone has noticed your business.

If your social media postings get liked or shared regularly, you can assume that your social media campaign is working – – at least to some extent.

Your goal should always be to increase the number of likes and shares on each and every one of your social media postings. This is why it's important to keep track of how many likes and shares you typically receive so you can set a goal for likes and shares for future posts.

Responding to comments and keeping conversations going

Social media is meant to be just that: social.

When a follower or fan takes time to post a comment or ask a question on one of your social media accounts, it's important to offer a prompt response. Not only does this help you develop a relationship with that person, but it also allows the general public to view the conversation. This can be of great use to others who might have the same comment or question but do not want to participate in a public conversation.

A conversation that draws the attention of a large number of people is a positive step. Ongoing or regular conversations imply that your social media campaign is working.

Like and share numbers rise consistently over time

If you've noticed that your social media account follower numbers do not increase over the course of many months or years, it's time to reconsider your campaign efforts.

With each passing month and year, social media is getting more significant – – not less. Your numbers should be growing. If they are not, your social media campaign might need a serious overhaul.

If you do not want to keep track of your social media numbers manually, or you simply do not have time for such details, other options available.

First, there are programs and services that can keep track of such numbers for you.

Second, there are marketing companies that can help track your social media analytics and provide you with a report on a weekly or monthly basis.

The nice thing about hiring a company to keep track of your social media campaign is that a company can also help you adjust your campaign if it seems to be faltering or remaining stagnant.

Even if your social media accounts seem to be growing consistently over time as far as number of followers, it's important to make sure the followers are active an engaged.

When you post to your social media accounts day after day but receive practically no engagement from your followers, you have to question whether your business is using the right strategy.

A company that is experienced in reputation management can be invaluable in helping your business determine the best possible path for your business. Keeping your numbers up is just as important as keeping followers actively engaged.

Always remember that your social media strategy should be well thought out. It should be informative, appealing and thought-provoking.

Also, it's important for your business to utilize the proper social media channels. In other words, one size does not fit all when it comes to a social media campaign.

Make sure to understand your objectives and goals before launching or continuing a social media campaign.

The only way to make improvements and ensure your social media campaign is working is to have a plan that can be analyzed and adjusted when necessary.