The Only Advertising Method That Makes All Other Types of Advertising More Effective (and Gets You More Local Customers)

Face it. Small business marketing and advertising can be expensive. It's not just the money, but also the time required to make your campaigns successful.

Most small businesses struggle to get a return on investment with their marketing. They work hard to get prospective customers to their website or landing page, only to have them leave without taking the desired action. In fact, studies show on average that 98% of website visitors leave without converting into a lead or customer.

Despite the time and money you spend trying to get the right person to your website so they can see what you offer, there's a good chance it was a wasted effort.

Once a website visitor leaves, they rarely return. So you keep spending money on more ads or more time on SEO (search engine optimization), only to have the majority of visitors leave without taking action… again!

Surely things will change if you do this long enough. Right?

Wrong. They don't. You eventually get frustrated and give up, or at least take a break. Meanwhile, everywhere you turn online you see your competitors. How are they doing it? How can they afford to keep it up? How much business are you losing to them?

There's got to be a smarter way…

There is. Before I explain, let me ask… Have you ever visited a website, like Amazon, Zappos, or BMW, then leave without buying? You realize you then keep seeing their ads everywhere you go online, like they're following.

This tactic is called retargeting and it's a form of online display advertising where you place a “pixel” (place a small piece of code) on the browsers of people that visit your website or landing pages. Websites and mobile apps then display your banner ads to these people while they’re doing other things online, long after they’ve left your page or stopped searching.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, gives prospective customers the feeling like your business is everywhere online. This makes you seem more credible, but it also works as a reminder that they still need a solution to their original problem. It’s an easy and automated way to get prospects to come back to your website, rather than your competitors.

Retargeting is the only form of marketing that makes all other marketing methods better.

Even if you aren’t running PPC ads, visitors to your site from organic search results, social media, or even offline ads, will continue to see your ads after they’ve visited.

Every business should be running retargeting campaigns, but just like other forms of advertising, there are “tricks” that will yield much better results.

Top 5 Tips to Maximizing Your Retargeting Results

  • Retarget everyone that visits your website and landing pages
  • Retarget through multiple channels, instead of just one (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Change your ad designs frequently to prevent banner blindness
  • Don't just retarget prospects. Retarget customers with special deals and announcements to keep them engaged with your business
  • Track everything and keep improving

Just like other forms of digital advertising, retargeting costs money. But unlike other types of pay-per-click, retargeting brings back people who are already familiar with your brand, so they are much more likely to convert into a lead or customer. Retargeting can help a struggling campaign become profitable.

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