PPC Management Services for Business

Are you ready for immediate leads and customers?

PPC Management Services for BusinessOur PPC management services can help your business.

Do you know the absolute fastest way to attract new leads and customers to your business today? The answer is PPC advertising (pay per click), including Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Yahoo and Bing ads, Display Network advertising, and retargeting (aka remarketing).

The best part of PPC advertising is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

Why Should You Advertise with PPC?

  • You can target your ideal customers right when they are looking to buy.
  • You only pay when they click on your ad and take action.
  • Easy to track ROI (return on investment).
  • Ability to scale as you profit.
  • If you don't do it, your prospective customers will simply go to your competitors.

How PPC advertising works…

It all starts with detailed research to find out where your ideal customer hangs out online and exactly what terms they type in the search engines when they are ready to buy. Then you create an enticing ad to get their attention. Next you decide what your daily and monthly ad budget will be, and then turn on your ads. When they click on your ad, they are redirected to your website landing page. The goal is to convert these visitors to happy customers.

Get more bang for your PPC buck with retargeting

In the past, a prospect would click your ad and visit your site. If they weren't quite ready to make a decision yet, they might leave and never return. You can now increase the chances they will return by implementing a retargeting campaign. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a highly effective method branding your business, staying top-of-mind with prospects, and getting visitors that leave back to your site.

Here's how retargeting works. When a visitor lands on your website after clicking a PPC ad, or finding you elsewhere online, your website drops a special kind of code in their web browser. This code tells other websites that this was your website visitor, and turns on a banner ad for your business when that person visits these other sites. To that prospect, it appears that your brand is everywhere. When they clicks on the banner, they return to your site. The more they are exposed to your brand and the more times they return to your website, the more likely they are to buy your product or services.

Why hire a PPC management services company?

Running a business is hard enough. You don't have time to learn how to do everything, much less do it well. Hiring an expert PPC team is one of the smartest decisions you can make and here's why.

While PPC and retargeting are fairly simple to understand, there are a lot of complexities to running your campaigns efficiently in order to maximize your profits, including:

  • Search term and keyword research
  • Reverse engineering successful competitor campaigns
  • Creating powerful ad copy that gets clicks
  • Split testing ads
  • Understanding the rule of ad copywriting
  • Building landing pages
  • Creating sales copy for your landing pages
  • Split testing variables on your landing pages
  • Adding legal disclosures
  • Tracking & improving conversions
  • Improving quality scores
  • Lowering cost per clicks
  • Setting-up retargeting functionality
  • Creating retargeting banners
  • Tracking and improving retargeting results
  • Legal compliance
  • ROI Tracking
  • and more…

That is a lot of stuff and it takes years to master. You want an expert PPC team that does these things better than your competition. You want the Reputation Local PPC team!

How much does it cost?

We offer smart PPC pricing. Unlike a lot of pay-per-click management services and search engine marketing (SEM) companies that charge a straight percentage of your ad budget, we use a tiered pricing model. This means our interests are completely aligned with yours. We aren't incentivized to constantly increase your ad spending. Instead we are incentivized to keep your costs as low as possible based on your goals within your budget.

The best part is that ROI (return on investment) is easy to track compared to other marketing and advertising options, and you will know if PPC is profitable for your business or not. Once it is profitable, you can ramp it up confidently knowing that you will get more customers and make more money.

How to get started

Whether you are already running PPC & remarketing ads, or this is your first time, we will do some preliminary research and analysis of your market for you. With that, we will provide a proposal of the best starting strategy. We will present our findings an discuss them with you. Together we will determine the best strategy and then start.

If you have an active campaign, we guarantee we can improve it. We will analyze your campaign details and metrics, then show you exactly how to start making improvements. You will be blown away by the details and specifics we demonstrate to you.

When will you start to see new leads and customers?

It will take us approximately 3-4 business days to complete our initial research, then we will build out your campaign (or tweak your existing one). Within a few hours of your campaign going live, you will have new visitors coming to your website. A percentage of those visitors will show interest and become customers. We will keep monitoring, measuring, and improving the campaign.

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