How to Get More Reviews Using Customer Voice

This tutorial contains instructions on how to get more reviews for your business, increase your star rating, and improve your online reputation.

Getting Reviews

Customer reviews are an excellent way to improve your position in Google search results, demonstrate credibility with prospective customers, and enhance customer service. This is important because 90% of consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Request feedback & reviews from your customers in order to boost your star rating, reviews and online reputation. You can then promote your great reviews for marketing purposes and to attract even more new customers.

Strategy for Review Generation

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The best strategy for getting more reviews is to offer multiple ways for happy customers to leave reviews for your business. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will be to help.

Of all the review generation methods our clients have used, the most effective methods are digital requests, either by email or SMS (text messaging). Verbally asking a customer to leave your a review online, without providing a one click link, will not work very well. Even worse, letting it happen naturally, hoping they will do it on their own, will not work very well.

Most people you ask may not take the time to leave a review for you, even if you provide a direct link, so you have to ask a lot of customers. By asking more customers for reviews, you risk getting some negative ones (which is perfectly normal). Use your instinct to determine good candidates that seem happy with your service.

TIP: You will get the best response rates when you ask or notify your customers at the time of service (while they are still in your presence) about the review request you will be sending them. Then send it to them immediately (our Customer Voice Email and/ or SMS text requests are best).

There may be times where this is not possible. For example, if you get some bad reviews that you want to push down or dilute, you may choose to use our bulk review generation tool to send to multiple previous customers at once. If so, your response rates will likely be very low compared to sending a review request immediately after a customer makes a purchase or visits your business.

Tactics for Review Generation

There are numerous methods for getting reviews. The most effective method is to use our Customer Voice app, which offers several of the best tools available. Businesses that use Customer Voice get much better results than businesses that use other methods.

What is Customer Voice?

With Customer Voice, you have the power to generate more reviews and boost your star rating. With just a couple clicks, you can reach your customers via email or text, and collect reviews on the sites that are most important to your business.

The Customer Voice app can be found inside your Business Center dashboard.

Watch this video to learn how to use Customer Voice…

In summary, Customer Voice offers multiple ways to get reviews:

  • Single review request via Email (best if done at time of service)
  • Single review request via SMS (best if done at time of service)
  • Bulk review requests to a list of customers
  • Use the review widget on your website (can customize it to match your site)
  • Use the review link
    • On your website (for example, as a link in your navigation menu)
    • On postcards you hand out in the office (you will want to use a URL shortener first)
    • On flyers posted in your place of business (you will want to use a URL shortener first)
    • Inside of your normal business emails to customers (can put request in your signature or elsewhere)
    • Create a QR code of the review link URL (can add it to your postcards or flyers)
  • Use your My Listing page (free-standing local listing page for your business)

The SMS text feature may not be available to you depending on your service package. If you don't see it inside your dashboard but would like it, let us know and we can help you upgrade your account.

For the bulk sending option, you can do it yourself or ask us to do it for you. If you prefer to have us do it for you, you can send a CSV file to us up to 4 times monthly (max of once per week), and we will upload it into the system and send your review requests to everyone on the list.

For the postcard option (less effective than email/ SMS requests), you can create your own, or ask us for templates like these…

review postcards

For the review flyers (less effective than email/ SMS requests), you can create your own, or ask us for templates like these…

review flyers

Need more help?

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